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The Sydney Review June 27

1 week ago

Race 1

Not a race I’m keen to follow. FROSTY ROCKS may well be one dimensional, but I’d rather be a one dimensional leader than a one dimensional backmarker. Let him roll man!


Race 2

ROTHENBURG was good, can win another one of these at Class 3 level. AMIRYKAL traveled very well, but didn't run out the 1400m. A strong 1200m on wet and she can win 3rd up. Maybe wait until she is 4 to get 1400m. CLOUD FACTORY had his first run on Heavy and loved it. Don’t get many Heavy tracks back in Dubbo, so look for him striking one soon.


Race 3

Got ABLAZE wrong. Jeepers that was poor. Lesson learned. SWEET THOMAS too good with top weight. 


Race 4

FULMINA had the lightweight, but sprinted hard in the day’s F L200m, albeit off a moderate tempo. That bodes well for her up in trip, however. Nothing else.



Race 5

ROHERYN produced a visually stunning win. Want to be sticking with EMBRACER. He led at a good tempo and gave a kick late. Should be winning 2nd up. Be forgiving YOU MAKE ME SMILE. Never going to threaten, but baulked when winding up, should have finished closer.



Race 6

I’ll be following SIXTIES GROOVE at all costs 4th up. Hit this off a 4 week freshen and his L6/4/200m splits ranked 7th-4th-2nd for the day. Take my money at 2000m+ next start.



Race 7

TRUMBULL finally jumped - flat he did! Waller has ORDER AGAIN flying. Went 1600m back to 1350m and ran a R F L600m split and the 4th F 6-400m split for the day. Similar set up to SURE KNEE who bolted in up North, so watch out for him back to 15-1600m 3rd up.



Race 8

Can’t get a read on this and nothing jumps off the page. Jury’s out NIGHT OF POWER?


Race 9

KORDIA dominated in high rating late figures and this race was run to produce some good form out of it. Race was run V fast to the 600m, and his L600m was strong off that. Placed well, he may not lose this prep. FREEHEARTED is ready to win next start off this.