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2 months ago

Race 1 – Farcical doesn't even begin to describe this race. Putting a line through it.


Race 2 – In-play bettors would have been all over MAKEDON 200m from home but intestinal fortitude kicked in and STEINBRENNER wanted it more. He's in top form this bloke and he is just a winner. Not to mention how tough he is. I think 1800m sees him out so they can go back to a mile with him soon and win again.


Race 3 – SWEET DOLLY put a fair old hole in her opposition here. She was ridden perfectly in comparison to the 2nd favourite GLORIOUS RUBY who did well under the circumstances.


Race 4 – GEMELON BOLT backed up his good debut with a win here having to sit outside lead again but was able to get to the best part of the track without spending any pennies. Bit dirty on myself for not giving him more consideration after making him a horse to follow off his debut. I'VE BEAN THERE was outstanding here. 1000m not really his go and 1200m is going to be much more suitable especially if he can draw lower.


Race 5 – SIMPLY FLY keeps living up to his name. He loves the 1000m at Sunny Coast. 4 wins in a row with the last 3 this track and distance. MASS DESTRUCTION back to the inside was a great run here. 1000m definitely doesn't look his go and he will be better suited over 1200-1300m.


Race 6 – CHIVARGO was the first of 2 very well placed/backed Darryl Hansen runners on the day and she didn't disappoint after being given a 10 from Robbie Fradd. This saw a return to some form for SAY HAYA who was restrained and ridden dead cold. Byrne found the right lane but she hit the line as hard as she could. Placed right and back to Doomben she can be going close soon.


Race 7 – DOCTOR ZOUS got the job done thanks to another 10 by Rodd. GEM OF SCOTLAND back to the inside was just getting warm late. Good effort after a year off recovering from an injury. She will at least be looking for 1300-1400m.


Race 8 – It was very hard for horses back in the field in this. LIGULATE huge again.


Race 9 – This was also very hard for horses back in the field. RED DOULTON did a good job under the circumstances.


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Author: Luke Bevilacqua.