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3 months ago



The Race Club’s ‘Live Yard’ takes mounting yard analysis to a new level. 


The product is unique in the fact that our mounting yard analysts assess every single runner in each race and portray that information in a detailed yet easy to use format. 


Our analysts provide unmeasurable feedback; the health of the horse, the fitness level of the horse and any key behavioural negatives, which all contribute to the horses performance. 


The delivery is in the form of a yard score, a health score and a summarising comment for each runner. The analysts also provide their top four runners from the yard with a brief summation of the entire field. The information is live approximately five minutes before jump. 


Making the most of LIVE YARD


As above, the yard data is the final piece of information you receive as the punter before your hard earned is locked in. 


The best way to use the ’LIVE YARD’ feature is as a confirmation tool. 


Yard selections do not supersede form analysis (whether that be your own form, tips, mail etc), however in a lot of circumstances, it can give separation in a field. The detail provided gives you the ability to adjust your form analysis, as would information such as prevalent track bias, and help stake accordingly. 


The yard can confirm a selection, whether that be for or against. If your horse has paraded well and the yard analyst has given a push, you may increase your bet. Conversely, if your horse has paraded poorly, you may choose to hedge your bet by saving, laying and so on. 


A couple of examples:



An analyst from TRC has previewed a race at 75% confidence (a high level) and has given a push for HORSE A. Five minutes pre jump, the yard analysis comes through. The yard analyst has given a strong push for HORSE B in the yard with HORSE A parading well. 


If you have done your own form or the TRC form analyst has considered HORSE B a danger or at least a chance, you may consider saving here (market dependent) and keeping HORSE A as your main bet. The yard analyst may have another runner, HORSE C in his top four from the yard, which you consider a chance or a considerable price, again you may save or stake accordingly. 



You’ve singled one runner in a race as your play of the day. The yard analyst scores 8 for parade and 8 for health with comment ‘touch keen, getting warm’. If you have outlaid, you need to consider saving on another runner or laying some off. Again, this all becomes market dependent. If you haven’t outlaid, consider leaving or laying the runner on that basis alone. 





Yard analyst has given a push for two runners in his/her picks. In the summary, they have stated ‘HORSE A and HORSE B clear on top’ or in similar words. As a punter, I would dutch (back for an equal result) these two runners. That is clear separation from the yard and if one (or both) of those runners line up with form analysis, this becomes a strong play.  


In summary, the TRC LIVE YARD service is designed to provide you the final piece of the form puzzle. Further to that, the information is vital when reviewing a race and considering future form. 


There are so many ways you can utilise this tool and I for one, wouldn’t punt without it.



I’m happy to elaborate or even do a day of staking yard on any given day, showing different strategic approaches. 


Good punting 🐎




Author: Adam Curkpatrick