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1 year ago

A small losing month after a little change in strategy half way through July. The change was due to feedback in regards to volume of bets (in particular Wednesday and Saturday) - reluctantly we tried staking cards per analyst. We were reluctant due to it being winter and the fact that our POT was still positive, we didn't want to change too much. The Gold service was designed for confident plays and we promised 5-8 per week, which we have exceeded to date. In saying that, we take full resonsibility for the poor month but we will endeavor to adjust and ensure the product we are providing is as strong as ever. We'd also like to put this opportunity out there to welcome feedback from our members.


OVERALL POT: 25.89 %


For those unfamiliar with The Race Club "Gold" membership; it is not a rapid fire service. The Race Club promised between 5-8 genuine plays per week and over the past three months, have more than exceeded that promise, delivering on average 12 plays per week. This service provides members an accoutable and strategic approach to betting. See our calculator here to see how you would have faired following TRC Gold for the past three months: CALCULATOR (CLICK)


The Race Club work off a 100 unit bank, 2 units being a strong play (2% of betting bank).


Further benefit to the Gold membership is the Mounting Yard live feed. The Race Club yard analysts cover NSW and VIC metro. They analyse every horse in every race, giving vital feedback for each runner.


Included in the Gold membership is the yard analysts picks from the yard and commentary to summarise their analysis.


The value of this content and the way it is displayed is second to none. Other services supply 'yard selections' only for anywhere between $12-20 per meeting!! You can receive premium Live Yard as well as the Gold mail for only $12.99 p/w - ENORMOUS VALUE!! To further that, The Race Club offer discounted packages (monthly, quarterly and annual).


Backed by some of Australia's most renowned punters, it is definitely worth checking out: The Race Club (CLICK)


For detailed results, click here: July Results