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It will “send shockwaves” through the racing industry

2 years ago

Australia’s premier trainer, Darren Weir, was arrested after Victoria Police carried out raids on his stables this morning.

If allegations against Weir and members of his team are found to be accurate, it will have massive implications on the racing industry.

That is the sentiment of racing journalist Tim Auld, of The Standard in Warrnambool, who has given some insight as to what occurred at Weir’s stables in Warrnambool (as well as Ballarat) this morning.

“It was just before 6 o’clock this morning. Federal Police, the racing compliance team and the betting squad raided on-course stables at Darren Weir’s stables in Warrnambool,” said Auld on SEN’s Whateley.

“There’d be 40 stables there, and they also searched numerous cars relating to workers of Darren Weir’s stables.

“It’s a massive shock for Warrnambool. It’s a massive shock for followers of racing. Even those who might only listen in the Spring Carnival, everyone’s heard of Darren Weir.

“It went through the local community pretty quickly when it was all happening.

“It doesn’t leave a very good taste in your mouth and I can understand it would upset some people, the allegations that are being made at this stage.”

Auld also spoke of the negative impact this investigation may have on racing in Warrnambool and more specifically, the racing industry as a whole.

“It would be massive for the industry here in Warrnambool. It’d be massive for the industry across Victoria if the allegations are sustained,” he added.

“He’s massive when you really think about it.

“He’s got other people around Warrnambool that pre-train for him, they live off the Darren Weir factor.

“He’d have about 50 on the pay roll at Warrnambool alone and businesses directly deal with the Darren Weir stable. There’s a lot of feeders off the success of the stable over the years.

“You think of the implications of these sort of things, of what it can do because so many people are tied up in it.

“If the allegations are proven correct, it is going to send shockwaves right through the whole racing industry.

“He’s been such a force in the racing industry for so long.”

Weir broke his own record with a remarkable 491 winners last season which included a stunning $31 million in prizemoney.