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'Special' Black Caviar the career highlight for McAuliffe

12 months ago

Outgoing South Australian race caller Terry McAuliffe says calling Black Caviar in 2012 has been the highlight of his career thus far.

Having served in the South Australian thoroughbred and greyhound racing industry for over 25 years, McAuliffe vividly recalls the 20th and 21st victories of Black Caviar in front of 25,000 people at Morphettville during her heyday more than seven years ago.

“To get the chance to call this outstanding horse who was unbeaten in 25 starts… that was quite special,” McAuliffe told SEN SA Breakfast this morning.

The veteran race caller said he caught the racing bug early in his life and it hasn’t left him since.

“I always had a love for horses,” McAuliffe explained.

“I grew up at Morphettville with the horses over the back fence. I spent a lot of time hanging around the stables as a kid and Dad would often listen to the races.”

McAuliffe’s ‘interesting journey’ in the racing industry started with a connection at the bank he worked for prior to his calling career.

Peter Riordan, who was teaching McAuliffe the ropes of working at the bank, got in touch with his bookmaker father Paul and helped set up Terry at the races to start his career.

“I had a real sliding doors moment,” McAuliffe said.

“Peter Riordan and I struck up a friendship and we’d often go to the races together.

“I started calling trials and eventually 5AA were looking for a junior race caller… I applied for the job, left the bank after three years and here I am.”

McAuliffe is set to join as a race day host for Wednesday, Saturday and feature race meetings in South Australia.