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"I thank my lucky starts to be even walking": Brown

1 year ago

Two-time Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Corey Brown admits he is lucky to be walking following his shocking fall in Saturday's Group 1 Queensland Derby at Eagle Farm.

Brown is recovering in Royal Brisbane Hospital and underwent a five-hour operation on his back after doctors revealed an unstable fracture.

"I'm slowly but surely getting my head above water and getting mobile. It's still very painful," Brown told RSN927.

"I thank my lucky starts to be even walking, to be honest.

"A piece of my spine was chipped off and was floating around; they said I was extremely lucky, one in a million, for it not to hit the spinal cord, and again I thank my lucky starts to not be in that position.

"I'm very, very, very thankful."

"I've got about eights screws going through my spine with a plate; the screws don't actually go through the vertebrae that's been chipped or the bit that's been chipped off it, the screws hold the other vertebrae together with the plate over the top of it to hold that into place.

"It's a bit of a jigsaw puzzle looking at the X-rays that they showed me late yesterday afternoon.

"That's racing, they tell me."

The 42-year-old revealed he has been in contact with former jockey Tye Angland, who is now a quadriplegic following a race fall in Hong Kong in December.

"He was more concerned with me in the last 48 hours than what he is even concerned about himself," Brown said.

"Someone's looking over me.

"I thank my lucky stars that I'm sitting in a good position, it could been a lot worse."

In addition to his back injury, Brown has a cracked sternum and partially punctured lung, making breathing difficult and uncomfortable.

Brown is potentially looking at 12-14 months on the sidelines, but he said that's the furthest thing from his mind.