The Race Club

22 July 2022
Join us for a day of punting! We'll be betting all day - including Quaddies, around the grounds 🐎



Entry is SIMPLE:


If you are already a TRC member and have an account with UNIBET, skip the first two steps.


1) You need to be a TRC member (you can register FREE):


2) You need to have an account with Unibet: Unibet Register


Once you've done the above, head to "THE VAULT" on either the Unibet app or desktop site. 


3) Under "Available Rewards", you will see The Race Club.


4) Click The Race Club and you will then see "TRC Punters Club Sat 23rd July"


5) Click TRC Punters Club Sat 23rd July and a screen with the option to "bet" on this becomes available. Click "SP" to enter your stake in the Punters Club.


6) Enter your stake and confirm. Your stake can be as big or small as you would like. Your dividend in the Punters Club will be according to your stake and the final starting pool. Cut off for entry is 10:30AM AEDT and we will announce the final betting pool at this time. 


7) IMPORTANT! All bets placed will be updated in the TRC members chat. It is imperative if you would like to follow, that you are a registered member. 


NOTE: If you cannot see the Punters Club in your Vault after these steps, please email: [email protected] and we will get you manually sorted.



Whilst we always emphasise punting is a "Long Game", today's Punters Club is about having some fun and playing more aggressively in attempt to turn a good result. We will bet more frequently and at a higher % of the betting pool than is ever recommended when playing week to week; this isn't a blast out, but we'll most certainly be having a CRACK! Betting will be around the grounds, consulting TRC analysts/Yard experts and adjusting as the day unfolds. Win bets, exotics, quaddies are all on the table. 





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