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Record Keeping

The majority, if not all serious/professional players keep records, some to the most minute detail.

Everything is itemised, from different bet types, ie win, place, each way & all the different exotics, different tracks, distances, barriers, trainers & riders, to track condition etc. At the other end of the scale is the one that just checks his/her account balances in his/her various betting accounts.

Even for the casual to semi serious player, keeping track of your betting is a very good habit to get into, besides the obvious advantage of letting you know exactly how you’re doing, it shows you how many bets you have had on any given day, how your bet sizing has fluctuated & how you stake when in front compared to when you’re behind.

It also allows you to track your progress whether winning or losing – if losing, are your loss percentages increasing or decreasing? Or how close to break even you are. It won’t make you a better judge, there are other tools to help you with that, but it will show you if you’re improving, standing still or going backwards & that alone is valuable information.

So even for the casual player who may only play 1 day a week, I strongly suggest keeping records. Remember this, besides the players born into a family that are professionals in the game, every other serious/professional player started out like you and I, a casual player.




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Show Me The Money 🤑😂

1 year ago

Trevor Tippet

do you guys recommend an app or what is the best to use to keep records

1 year ago

grant freeman

can someone tell me how to get to jumpouts please

1 year ago

grant freeman

how do you contact you guys

1 year ago


Hi Grant, please use the contact page if you haven’t already. Email is: [email protected]

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