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DEPOSIT MATCHES BELOW (excl certain states, T&C's apply)










As you’re most likely aware, there are multiple corporate bookmaker banners now displayed on our site – you can click any of them to receive the correlating offer (T&C’s apply, excl certain states)

Over the past few months, we have generated good traffic to our site and we also have a lot of free registered users that can access select content only. 

With that said, we agreed to advertise with these corps to derive revenue, ensuring we can keep growing the TRC product and maintain low costs to our members. 

We all know they make a killing but they’re a necessary evil. We have to use them. Our job is to find the best markets and make the most of them. TRC are all about winning and our Gold service results completely back that up. 

We would highly recommend having a few different accounts. Sportsbet and TAB tend to be the most common; the below corps are ones we believe you can utilise and we will be pointing members to the corp with the best odds when sending our ‘Gold’ notifications and in our race previews in general. 

Getting the right price is key and by having a spread of accounts, you’ll have the best chance of achieving that. See below for benefits that these corps offer:



One of the better bookies. They don’t offer deposit matches or odds boosts but they make up for it in other ways. 

Their odds are constantly better than rivals and they are generally one of the first markets up - for our gold members, if you can utilise an account here, we highly recommend it. 

They offer ‘Official Price Guarantee’ - If you place a fixed win bet and the final official price is bigger than the price you took, they’ll pay you out at the bigger odds!

Protest promise - They’ll pay original first past the post and amended past the post if protest upheld. 

365 Best - If you take tote price, they give you the best win dividend from three TABs. 

Their multi options with cash out offers are the best on the market. 
If you haven’t got an account, sign up here:



When these guys first came out, there’s no hiding, they weren’t great. But they have definitely come on and are now very competitive. 

They offer great deposit matches (T&Cs apply, excl certain states). They launched their new ‘Toolbox’ which is a bundle of promos that reset each day. 


Bonus bets– cash back offers

Odds boosts- Enhanced odds on any of your selections. 

Fluc Up- once your bet has been placed, you have 5 minutes to lock in the next increase in price movement.

Back Up- If your back up selection finishes 1st with your original selection finishing 2nd, they’ll refund your stake. 

Jump Off- You can cancel your bet in the designated time frame. 

Their markets are competitive and they are definitely worth trying out. Make the most of their Toolbox and sign up here: (deposit matches available to certain states only T&Cs apply)




These guys are improving day by day. They’ve got great deposit matches (T&Cs apply, excl certain states) and their new ‘My Rewards’ feature is up there with the big boys. 

Bet boosts- Enhanced Odds on any of your selections (limits apply)

Betreturn- Run 2nd or 3rd and money back - on races of your choice! (Limits apply)

Bonus bets(limits apply)

Daily 3 leg multi- 1 leg fails, money back (limits apply)

They’ve got full Sky coverage and a plethora of other multi offers. Their prices are very competitive. Utilise their My Rewards features and sign up here: (deposit match available to certain states only T&Cs apply)




They’ve been around for a while and are probably a little underutilised compared to the bigger corps. They have great promotional offers, deposit matches (T&Cs apply, excl certain states)


Odds Boosts– For singles, exotics and multis

Enhanced Odds– 30% above fixed prices for select races

Best tote + 30%on select racing (greys)

Hour Of Power– Inflated odds on selected runner Monday to Friday

Array of multi options


You can bet with them with confidence and their odds are always competitive. If you don’t have an account, register here: (deposit match available to certain states only T&C’s apply)




For those unfamiliar with Betfair, it is a peer to peer betting exchange. The simplest way to explain; Customers bet against each other. You think something can win, back it (just as you would normally). You think something will lose, ‘Lay’ it (you’re essentially playing the role of the bookmaker here, you’re taking someone’s bet and are liable to them if it wins at the accepted price. If it loses, you keep their stake!). 

Unlike bookmakers or tote’s, there is no margin built into the odds in Betfair markets.

This means the markets are more efficient and that results in better value for customers through better odds. 

Betfair are also different to rest of the wagering industry as they gain revenue through charging a small commission on customer’s net winnings. So you won’t get shut down for winning too much, in fact, they want you to win!

It is a must for modern day punting. No restrictions, constantly better odds than bookmaker SPs, you can set the odds you want and it’s a very good way to hedge your bets (Back one, Lay the other etc). 

If you haven’t got an account, sign up here:


There are some very quick and simple tutorials on ‘The Hub’ once signed up. Highly recommend!


Any queries, please contact us through the contact form on our website or through our social media channels. We are happy to take any questions and help set up for success.




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