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Overall Pot:

Unit Value:



316.70 units


369.29 units

Your Pot:

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Detailed results are available in our resource centre


GOLD MEMBERSHIP: We work with a 100 unit bank. 2 units (2% of bankroll) being our max bet.

For an explanation of unit betting and bankroll, visit the resources section of our site where you will find an article titled ‘what is unit betting?’

For detailed results, including: selections, stake, price sent, starting price, cumulative outlay and return and POT (profit on turnover) please click the correlating links for each month. 


February Results: 56.65% POT


February Gold (Click here)


March Results: 52.85% POT


March Gold (Click here)


April Results: 29.88% POT


April Gold (Click here)


May Results: 8.55% POT


May Gold (Click here)


June Results: - 7.46% POT


June Gold (Click here) 



Cumulative POT: 35.54 %



At the end of each month, we will update this article to include monthly results. 





How do the gold tips get sent out each week?

6 months ago

The Race Club

Hi Tom, they are sent via notifications on the app. You also receive notifications on website but for timely updates, it’s best to use app 👍🏻

6 months ago

Blaine magee

Would like to sign up to gold please.

6 months ago

Tony Holznagel

Will the April detailed results be added to the above soon guys? Cheers.

5 months ago

The Race Club

Hi Blaine, if you head to membership side of site, the options are all there. Contact us if any issues. Cheers mate

5 months ago

The Race Club

Hey Tony, posted today. Cheers

5 months ago

I am not receiving any notifications

5 months ago

Peter williams

Hi guys, just want to know what is the best way to use this service. Do you just back the alerts we get? Or do we back on the recommendation of the previews? Cheers Peter

5 months ago

Peter williams

Hi guys, i can’t seem to be able to access the meeting previews. It’s saying I need to get a subscription. I was on a weekly subscription, but changed to a monthly one a day or so back. I’ve noticed my Visa card has been charged for the monthly subscription yesterday. If you could please take a look I’d be grateful. Cheers Peter

4 months ago

John Mckay

Hopefully July will be a better month🙂

3 months ago

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